Vol. 2 - No. 4

April, 1983


Book Review:
Book Potpourri

by Byron Gage

It appears to be the case that in every office, profession or endeavor, little things pile up. It is certainly the case with this reviewer. I have received many small, paperback books which may or may not be of interest to our readers but, out of respect for the various publishers who have so graciously provided complimentary copies of their books, we must from time to time "clear off the pile." I have not read all of these books. What will be said will be the result of a brief scan, and therefore, no recommendations (either positive or negative) will be given.

The Awesome Power of the Listening Heart, by John W. Drakeford, The Zondervan Corporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1982, deals with the processes, mechanics, and levels of listening. A recent commercial dealing with the qualifications of a major company to serve the public states that their employees are trained, as one of their most important duties, to listen. This book also stresses the importance of developing listening skills. You would benefit from such development as a parent, mate, business person, or as a Christian.

How To Answer A Mormon, Robert A. Morey, Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1983, is obviously about answering Mormon callers. It takes somewhat of a different approach, however, in that it copies and underlines various Mormon writings which elucidate the absurdity of the Mormon position. It looks to be a good resource in studying some Joseph Smith oddities.

Building Respect, Responsibility, & Spiritual Values in Your Child, by Mike Phillips, Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1981, is a book on what I conceive to be one of my greatest challenges. And, I might add, this is a challenge that far too many Christians have not met. People are looking for help in the form of practical answers to real questions in the rearing of children. This book formulates a plan and educates in the implementation of that plan. Subjects included are: making a commitment, your child's most important teacher which is you, self-esteem, discipline, attitude molding/will shaping, social behavior, etc.

 The Names of God, by Lester Sumrall, Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee, 1982, deals with the various Hebrew words (names) referring to God. The words are descriptive of God's characteristics. There is much learning in such a study. How this book treats of the words is the result of one man's study and religious background. It looks interesting.

Anger Is A Choice, by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips, The Zondervan Corporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1982, deals with the moral, psychological, and physical consequences of uncontrolled anger. It effectively illustrates that many people are angry and don't know it. Its effects can be seen but establishing the cause is sometimes difficult. This book succeeds in helping individuals to discern and eradicate problem areas.

Together Forever (and the workbook by the same title), by Anne Kristen Carroll, The Zondervan Corporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1982, consists of the book and workbook (for group or private use) is another book trying to make a difference in the frightening trend of broken homes. It is written from a woman's viewpoint and this is good. It deals with protecting the marriage relationship and restoring it to what it ought to be. Before you throw off any book on the home and family, consider that most who think their marriage, home, and family have no problems, maybe you should sincerely ask your mate and/or children if their appraisal is the same.