Vol. 2 - No. 3

March, 1983

Thank You For Loving Me

by  Leon Odom

Now with all the publicity of my near dying on January 7, 8, and 9, from internal bleeding, there is no point in saying much more about that night-mare. After awhile people get tired of hearing about your aches and pains, so that is not the purpose of this little epistle.

This is to be a "thank you note" with a lesson hopefully attached thereto.

I have preached for thirty years that love must express itself. I know that I have a lot of love in my heart for my brethren -- and even my enemies. However, there are times when I don't share that love with others as I should. Any love I might possess is worthless if it is not shared. And if I gave all my love to all men with whom I come in contact, I would still have all the love that I presently possess, and that is an amazing thing about love.

It finally took forty units of blood (in all forms) to save a life that appears to be worth less and less with each passing year. Yet that blood was given by people who loved a fellowman enough to give part of their blood that someone else might stand the chance of living. Some were strangers to me and not members of the body of Christ. How can a simple "thank you" be sufficient to express the feeling of my grateful heart? Yet that's all that I have to give in return. They won't even take my blood to give to someone else that they might have a chance to live. So while all I can give is "thank you," can you believe that it is from a truly thankful and gracious man?

There have been scores of long distant calls made to my wife in her times of stress and anxiety. Plants and flowers were sent to the hospital. Hundreds of cards with little "love notes" attached were sent to me and still are coming in from all over the nation where I have preached. All of this has shown that people still care about people even so unworthy of such love as I.

I hope that this has taught me a lesson. I have been through this twice in five years and it does affect a man. May I ever become more loving and understanding and sensitive to the needs and the shortcomings of others. May the love I have be shared with each of you even before the need arrives. What I am trying to say is, "Thank you folks, for loving the Odom family in our times of deep stress."